The Basics:

Residing in Houston, I am a licensed architect in Texas.  In recent years I have enjoyed work as the Construction Administrator or "CA Guy"  (one who monitors and manages the construction phases of building projects).  I have a keen eye for detail, which comes in handy when reviewing construction drawings, built work, or submittals.

I've been described as dependable, personable and trustworthy. I'll do whatever it takes to get the job done right and on time, even if it means working nights, weekends or holidays.   I work well either on a team or on my own.   I have excellent verbal and written communication skills.

I have computer skills too.  I've never met a program I could not learn.

In my work, a primary goal of mine is client satisfaction.  Of course, the best advertising for any business is a happy customer.  

Building / Construction Types:
(with which I have experience)

  • Agricultural
  • Commercial  /  Office 
  • Civic
  • High End Residential
  • Educational ,  (K-12 and higher education)
  • Financial Institutions
  • Hospitality 
  • Military / USDOD
  • Modular
  • Religious / Liturgical

Things I like about being a CA guy: 

Analyzing and solving problems.

The opportunity to use my knowledge of building materials and systems.

Drawing upon my experience to discover and resolve construction conflicts before they are built.

The professional and personal interaction with the General Contractor, co-workers, consultants and the Owners' reps.

Seeing the built work as it is being constructed and seeing to it that it is done correctly.  

Most architects hate this task, but I enjoy it:  Reviewing shop drawings and submittals.  This task provides a perfect opportunity to correct problems before they are built or installed.  

Some of the titles I've had:

  • Project Architect 
  • Construction Administrator
  • Field Representative 
  • Construction Manager
  • Volunteer Coordinator (with a local volunteer organization).

As you might guess, this wasn't a posed shot.  With construction drawings and a notepad in tow,  as I recall, I was reviewing flashing at openings.
Taken by a webcam,  I am on the left conferring with our client contact and the project manager with the general contractor.
This is the site of Bank of Texas on US 290 at Fairbanks - N. Houston.